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テレマン:パリ四重奏 12番 E minor  Modere



"Modéré" from the famous Paris Quartet composed by Georg Philipp Telemann, performed by Japanese super talented musicians: 縦笛侍 Recorder Samurai LYUTA ITO on voice flute (recorder in D),

Shiho Hiromi次回 on violin, Yuki Aihara on viola da gamba and Akiko Sato on baroque lute (arch-lute tuned in D min. like baroque lute) on the 17th of Feburuary 2024 at SONORIUM in Tokyo, Japan. Paris Quartet is composed by Telemann while his stay in Paris and premiered by the best performer of the time: M.Blavet on flute, J.P.Guignon on violin, J.B.Forqueray on viola da gamba and Telemann himself on harpsichord. Because the music was composed for those super performers, all suites are very very difficult to play and highest level masterpieces of Baroque music. Samurai Baroque Project made a challange to one of these super difficult ensemble master piece, the 12th in E minor with increcibly beautiful chaconne "Modere", at one of the best concert hall in moderate size with good acoustic "sonorium" in Tokyo, and gave great performance. Particularly important feature is that we used only lute, without harpsichord, for basso continuo. It maybe unusual, but I believe this instrumentation makes the value of this music very clear and sounds lovely. photographs by Atsuko Ito (Studio LASP) recorded by Yuzuru Chida